How To Change Name On Air France Ticket?

Air France Name Change Policy

Finding a misspelled name on a ticket just before the boarding can be terrifying. With Air France, it’s simple to correct your name on a ticket even when your ticket is confirmed. 

With Air France name change policy, travelers are allowed to make adjustments with the wrong name on ticket. 

Misspelled names on Air France tickets can be altered in a variety of ways. In both online and offline environments, the most popular methods are to use the official website, contact the customer service number, and speak with an agent. However, this page seeks to educate people about the terms and conditions that are unavoidable when a name change is necessary. 

Air France Name Change On Ticket: An Introduction

Air France change name on ticket policy outlines how passengers can change a misspelled or incorrect name on a ticket. There are, however, limitations on the number of characters to be changed. Various methods can be used to change the name on the ticket. However, it is most convenient to use the official Air France website, contact customer support, or visit the airport ticket counter to request a name change. 

What Are The Rules To Change Name On Air France Ticket?

A passenger's name on an Air France ticket is permitted to be changed or corrected under the Air France name change policy. However, the terms and conditions listed below are in effect: 

  • Once the ticket is issued, a passenger can’t change the name of another person. 
  • All the Air France tickets are non-transferable. That means you can’t transfer your Air France ticket to someone else. 
  • To transfer your ticket to someone else, you have to cancel your flight and then rebook your reservation with the new passenger’s details.
  • The passenger’s first name and last name on the ticket must match the name on your passport or any other government-issued ID proof. 
  • Middle name or title are not required for boarding within Europe.  If they are on the ticket, make sure they are in the correct order as appear in your ID proof. 
  • You request for Air France change passenger name must be submitted up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure time for the flights within Europe and other international destinations. 
  • In case you have name corrections request for your Air France ticket, only a name correction fee will be levied.
  • Legal requests to alter the name on Air France tickets due to marriage or divorce require supporting documents for identity validations. 
  • Modifications like DOB, title, gender, etc would not be considered under the name change/correction process. For other changes, you must contact Air France Customer Phone Number.
  • Once you get checked in, name alteration is prohibited. 
  • Air France name change cost depends on the type of ticket you purchased. 
  • Name change may not be possible for a few destinations due to local and legal terms and conditions. In this case, customers should contact the airline’s representative as soon as possible. 

What Are The Acceptable Requests For A Name Change Air France?

According to the Air France change passenger name policy, the following name change circumstances are acceptable. 

1 - Name Corrections Due to Typographical Errors 

Typographical errors refer to errors in the spelling of names on flight tickets. Having an incorrect name on your ticket may result in a boarding issue. Under the Air France ticket name change policy, passengers are allowed to correct their misspelled name on the ticket. 

2 - Legal Name Change

A passenger can change their name on a ticket for legal reasons like marriage or divorce.  Submitting legal documents like marriage certificates, divorce decrees, and court orders is mandatory depending on your request. Legal name changes are major name alterations and need an expert’s assistance sometimes. Air France's official website allows you to do it online. In either case, Air France customer service phone number is the best option. 

3 - First Name, Middle Name, and Last Name in Wrong Orders

Did you find your first name, middle name, and last name in the incorrect orders on a ticket? If this is the Air France ticket, no worries because this issue can be rectified under the rules mentioned in the Air France change name on ticket. Make sure you have all the documents in hand for your identity validation while processing the name correction on your ticket. 

4 - Incomplete or Missing Name

If your name on Air France ticket is missing or incomplete on the flight ticket, you can request to amend it. Passengers may apply for their name change request online through the official website. However, there are offline methods like visiting the ticket counter at the airport or dialing the customer support number. 

What Are The Documents Needed To Change Name On Air France Ticket?

It is possible that you will need to provide a copy of your passport if you are asking for a little name correction on an Air France ticket. However, the documentation requirements may vary if the name change is being made for a significant and legitimate purpose. If you would like your Air France name changed or corrected as a result of a marriage or divorce, you will need to provide a copy of your divorce decree, marriage authorization, court orders, etc as per your circumstance. 

How to Change Name on Air France Ticket?

To correct Air France change name on booking, there are a variety of ways you may utilize. Official Air France website, and dialing customer support phone number are some of the ways. 

1 - Online Name Change On Ticket Via Website

Follow the instructions given below to learn how to make amendments to the wrong name on an Air France ticket - 

First - Open the Air France official website on your browser.

Second - Go to the My Booking page.

Third - Enter your reservation PNR and the passenger's last name to access your booking. 

Fourth - In your flight summary page, select the passenger and click on the “Correct Name” tab.

Fifth - Type the correct name in the given field. 

Sixth - Pay the name change fee if your request is not eligible for free alterations. 

Seventh - Complete the documentation process as required.

Eighth - Save all the changes.

Ninth - Wait until you receive the confirmation of Air France change name on ticket. 

Tenth - When you don’t receive the confirmation as per the given time, call the Air France customer support phone number 1 (800) 237-2747 or dial +1–800–633–0441 to speak with flight experts.

2 - Name Correction Through Air France Customer Phone Number 

When you need to change your name on the ticket but are unable to do so through the website, you can dial the Air France customer support phone number. Here is the step-by-step guidance on how to change the name on Air France tickets via customer care. 

First - Dial 1 (800) 237-2747 for a representative or +1–800–633–0441 to speak with a flight expert.

Second - Once the expert is connected, provide them with your booking reference code.

Third - Explain the legal reason for the name change.

Fourth - Air France representative will ask you to submit all the supporting documents corresponding to the name change. (Passport or any other government-issued ID).

Fifth - Pay the required fee if your booking is not eligible for free modifications. (Make sure you are aware of the complete Air France name change/correction fee chart).

Sixth - Once the name change has been processed, you will receive the confirmation of name change Air France on your registered mail ID. 

What Is The Air France Name Change Fee?

Air France name change fee depends on the type of your ticket and the reason for a modification. However, the standard fee to change the name on Economy Flexi fare is 200 USD. On the other hand, Economy basic and economy opti fares are not eligible for name changes and alterations. In business class, Air France charges 150 USD for Biz saver fare, 100 USD for biz fare, and 55 USD for Biz Plus fare. Similarly, there are different fees for name corrections. 

Here’s a tabular presentation where you can get a quick overview of the name change/correction fee mentioned under the Air France change name policy.

Fares Economic Basic Economy Opti Economy Flexi Biz Saver Biz BIz Plus
Cabin Class Economy Economy Economy Business Business Busines
Name Change Fe Not eligible Not eligible 200 USD 150 USD 100 USD 55 US
Name Correction Fee Not eligible Not eligible 150 USD  100 USD 75 USD Free

How To Change Last Name On Air France Flight?

Under the rules of Air France change name on ticket guidelines, passengers can use two methods to change their last name on a ticket. The first is online via the official website. However, passengers who want solutions on call through travel experts, should call 1 (800) 237-2747 for a representative or dial +1–800–633–0441 to connect with independent flight experts. 

Can I Board With Air France Misspelled Name On Ticket?

No, if your ticket has the incorrect Air France name on it, you cannot board the airplane. This will cause obstacles for you when you travel. If the mistake is significant and the airline determines it cannot be straightened out, you may need to reschedule your journey. 

Does Air France Require Middle Name On Ticket?

As long as your first and last name matches your passport and government-issued photo identification proof, you can travel without a middle name. Missing middle name on ticket is no longer going to affect the boarding process. 

What Is The Air France Customer Phone Number?

As per the Air France name change policy, passengers who want to talk to a representative for their name change/correction concerns on ticket may dial 1 (800) 237-2747. Otherwise, you may call +1–800–633–0441 and reach the most qualified flight experts at the independent consolidation desk. 

Is There An Air France Customer Chat Option For Name Change? 

Yes, Air France allows passengers to chat with the agent and find solutions over the phone or desktop anytime, anywhere. According to the Air France name change policy, passengers can chat with travel experts through WhatsApp, Messenger, Apple Messages, etc, and find solutions to correct name errors.

Note: All the information displayed on the Okeyard Website has been compiled from official sources to provide travelers with legal information about airline policies so that they may make an informed decision when needed. Although Okeyard Travel has no control over the actions of the official airlines.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How much Air France charge for name change?

On an Air France Economy Flexi Fare, changing the name typically costs $200 USD. In business class, there is a 150 USD fee for biz saver fare, 100 USD for biz fare, and 55 USD for a business plus fare. In the same way, name adjustments come with various costs.

Q2. Does Air France allow name changes?

Yes, As per the Air France name change policy, passengers are allowed to make adjustments with the wrong and misspelled name on ticket. However, the fee may apply depending on the time of your request and the type of fare you bought.

Q3. Can I change the name on an Air France ticket?

Name change on Air France ticket are only permitted when the reason is legal. For instance, passengers can change their last name due to marriage or divorce. This type of change may be subject to extra charges.

Q4. Can you change name on Air France flight ticket?

Complete name change or transferring your Air France ticket to someone else is prohibited. A traveler can’t switch the ownership of the ticket. For this, they have to cancel the booking and rebook it with the new passenger’s details.

Q5. Is there Air France chat help for name correction on ticket?

Yes, Air France passengers can chat with the agent and find solutions for correcting the wrong name on their already confirmed flight tickets.

Q6. Can I transfer my Air France ticket to another person?

Transferring a ticket to someone else is typically not permitted by Air France. Generally, tickets are non-transferable, and the name on the ticket must correspond to the identity that was used to book the trip.

Q7. How to connect helpdesk for Air France name change?

To inquire about a name change on an Air France ticket, contact their customer service or helpdesk directly via phone at 1 (800) 237-2747. Dial +1-800-633-0441 to talk with a consolidation desk and get your queries solved.

Q8. How to change name on Air France ticket online?

Visit the official website of Air France. Go to My Booking > Put your last name and reservation reference number here > Choose the name you wish to modify > Finalize the payment procedure (if necessary) > Save all of your edits > Watch for the confirmation that Air France changed the ticket name.

Q9. How to change first name on an Air France ticket?

Typically, you must get in touch with Air France's customer care or helpdesk directly and submit the necessary legal paperwork in order to modify the initial name on your ticket. Passengers can call 1 (800) 237-2747 or dial +1-800-633-0441 (24/7 Available number) to get precise information through the consolidation desk.

Q10. Does Air France need a middle name?

Air France does not typically require a middle name during booking tickets. However, it's essential to ensure that the first name and last name on the ticket match the traveler's identification used for travel.

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