How To Change Name On Singapore Airlines Ticket?

Singapore Airlines Name Change Policy

Are you about to travel with Singapore Airlines and discover the wrong name on your ticket? Make sure you fix it as soon as possible under the guidance of Singapore Airlines name change policy and have a trouble-free journey. 

Singapore Airlines name change and name corrections are two distinct scenarios with separate requirements for resolution. Travelers should, however, make sure they are fully aware of the paperwork needed, their eligibility, and both online and offline options.

Can You Change Name On Singapore Airline Ticket?

Yes! If a passenger accidentally misspells or writes their name incorrectly on a ticket that has already been booked, there is Singapore Airlines change passenger name. By going to the Manage Booking part of the official Singapore website, travelers can access their bookings and correct the issue that occurred. Most importantly, passengers should understand that transferring your ticket to another person is not allowed. 

What Is Singapore Airlines Name Correction Policy?

Passengers may make amends for their misspelled names under Singapore Airlines name correction policy. Other than fixing misspelled names. The name correction policy allowed changes to names with three characters or fewer, as well as requests to add or remove middle names and appeal requests for married and maiden name correction. 

Singapore Airlines Middle Name Policy

As per the Singapore Airlines name correction policy, as long as your first and last name matches the name on your government-issued identifications, you may continue to travel. Hence It will no longer be necessary to worry about a misspelled middle name or a middle name that is missing. 

What Are The Rules For Name Change On Singapore Airlines Ticket?

As per the rules to correct or change passenger name Singapore Airlines, if you wish to change your passenger name or correct it, you must follow the steps below.

  • Only three characters or less are allowed to correct on Singapore flight ticket.
  • Correcting married and maiden name is allowed.
  • Adding or eliminating middle name. 
  • At least a minimum of 50 USD can be charged for making name corrections.
  • If you request to change booking name Singapore Airlines within 24 hours to booking a flight, there will be no fee. 
  • No matter what kind of name change/correction you request, submitting relevant documents is mandatory.   
  • Requesting for a name modification on the ticket one week before the scheduled departure is not allowed. 

Please Note - 

  • The complete name change is allowed as all the Singapore tickets are not transferable. 
  • Once travel commences, name corrections are prohibited. 
  • For any name correction-related queries, you can dial +1–800–633–0441 and talk to flight experts at the independent consolidation desk. 

What Are The Types of Singapore Airlines Name Change Requests?

An error in the name on a ticket may take a variety of forms. Singapore Airlines passengers should therefore be aware of what types of name mistakes are acceptable and amendable. It will be easier for you to pay attention when you are making your reservation.

1 - Singapore Airlines Name Change Marriage

passengers who need to change their last name on their ticket due to marriage can easily request according to Singapore Airlines name change marriage policy. Make sure you have all the marriage-related paperwork on hand before requesting a name change via the website, over the phone, or at the ticket counter at the airport. 

2 - Singapore Airlines Misspelled Name/Typographical Error 

Typographical errors refer to the issue when you unintentionally write your name with a few spelling mistakes when booking flight ticket. As per the rules to change passenger name Singapore Airlines policy, only 3 characters or less are allowed to amend. 

3 - Singapore Airlines Middle Name Missing

Passengers who are unsure about Singapore Airlines middle name policies should relax. If you fail to include your middle name when booking, you can still add it to your ticket. However, as long as your first and last name on the ticket matches the name on your government-approved identification, you can also avoid adding a middle name. This will not affect your journey. 

4 - Legal Name Change on Ticket

If a passenger has recently legally changed their name, they must provide copies of their legal papers to the airline so that the airline may verify the legitimacy of their identity. Name changes may occur for a variety of legal reasons, such as adoption, divorce, or marriage. 

What Are The Document Requirements For Singapore Airlines Ticket Name Change?

Singapore Airlines name change and corrections are different circumstances. For different scenarios, there will be different requirements for documents. For instance, a marriage certificate may be required for last name change after marriage. Divorce decree will be required if you got divorced. However, showing your passport (any other government-issued proof) is mandatory to submit for validation. 

How To Change Name On Singapore Airlines Ticket?

There are various and easy methods available to correct or change passenger name Singapore Airlines. Some of the methods include submitting a request through the Singapore Airlines website, calling Singapore Airlines customer service, or visiting the airport and speaking with a flight expert at the support desk. 

1 - Singapore Airlines Ticket Name Change Via Website 

Utilizing the official website for a name change on Singapore Airlines ticket is one of the greatest approaches. You can correct your wrong name on Singapore ticket using the simple steps below - 

Step 1 - Open the official website of Singapore Airlines in your browser.

Step 2 - When you see the “Manage My Booking” or “Manage Booking” option there on the website, click on it.

Step 3 - Enter your six-digit booking reference code and last name to access your booking.

Step 4 - Click on the Manage My Booking button.

Step 5 - Select your booking, and then select the name on which you want to make changes.

Step 6 - You will be asked to submit supporting documentation as instructed for verification.

Step 7 - Pay the Singapore Airlines name change cost if required.

Step 8 - Once the process is done, wait until you receive confirmation on your registered mail ID. 

2 - Name Correction Via Singapore Airlines Customer Support Number

In cases where customers are unable to use the Singapore Airlines website, they can contact their representative by calling their number. To talk to a Singapore Airlines representative for any kind of name change/correction on ticket queries, dial +1(833)727-0118 or +1–800–633–0441 (less connectivity time) to talk to the independent flight support team. Tell 

3 - Modifying Name on Ticket Through the Airport Counter

If passengers require personal assistance from the airline agent regarding name errors, travelers can visit the airport and speak with the agent at the customer service counter. If your request for a name change is granted when you arrive at the airport, you will need to provide supporting documentation. Do not, however, avoid paying the Singapore Airlines name change fees if your reservation is not eligible for free modifications. 

4 - Chat with Singapore Airlines Agent for Name Change

Passengers traveling with Singapore Airlines also have a live chat option to connect with the representatives. To chat with a Singapore Airlines agent, open the official website of Singapore Airlines > Go to Contact Us page > See the live chat option at the bottom right corner of the page. Click on the chat icon > Agree to the terms and conditions > click on the “Book or Amend Trip”. Now you can tell your query and get quick assistance from live experts. 

How To Fill Singapore Airlines Name Change Request Form? 

Singapore Airlines provides a request form by which passengers may appeal for Singapore airlines change passenger name request. No matter if you want to change your name due to legal reasons or have a misspelled name, you can fill out a form and submit it to the airline. 

Follow the steps below to learn how to fill Singapore airlines name correction/change form - 

First - Open the browser and search “Singapore airlines name change policy.”

Second - The first result in the SERP would be a PDF from the official Singapore airlines for name correction/change policy.

Third - Open the PDF.

Fourth - Fill out the form concerning your name change request.

Fifth - Email your completed form to [email protected] or fax it to +65 6789 8777. 

How To Change Last Name On Singapore Airlines Ticket?

There are various ways to change last name on Singapore Airlines ticket. By selecting "Manage Booking" on the official Singapore Airlines website, you can change your last name. To ensure your identification is verified, though, make sure you have all the necessary legal documents on hand. Call the Singapore Airlines customer service number and ask the professionals for quick help if you're a passenger and don't know how to utilize the website for name correction

What Is The Singapore Airlines Name Change Fee?

There is no Singapore Airlines name change cost if you request it within 24 hours of purchasing the ticket. When the 24 hours pass, you may be asked to pay 50 USD or more depending on your fare type and the time you are requesting. 

If you request name correction by contacting the agent via call, you may have to pay 250 USD along with the fare difference. Additionally, Name changes at the airport are not allowed up to 24 hours before the scheduled flight departure time. 

Can I Change Passenger Name On Singapore Airlines Ticket?

Yes, Singapore Airlines name change policy allows passengers to make changes or corrections to their name on the ticket. However, terms and conditions are applicable. 

Can I Use The Singapore Airlines Live Chat Option To Edit Name On Ticket?

Yes, passengers are entitled to use the Singapore Airlines live chat option on the official website’s Contact Us page bottom right corner. All you need to select the option “Book or Amend Trip” and then start chatting with the live agent. 

Can I Board With Singapore Airlines Wrong Name On Ticket?

No, boarding with Singapore Airlines with the wrong name on the ticket always creates blunders. Hence, as soon as you witness the error in your name on the ticket, ensure it is rectified immediately under the Singapore Airlines change name on ticket guidelines.  

What If I Forget To Put My Middle Name On Singapore Airlines Flight Ticket?

Passengers who forget to put their middle name while booking a flight ticket with Singapore Airlines or booked with a misspelled middle name, need not worry. As per the Singapore Airlines middle name policy, you may travel as long as your first and last name matches the name on your government-issued ID proofs.

What Is The Phone Number For Singapore Airlines?

If Singapore Airlines passengers require assistance regarding name changes or corrections, they may call +1 (833) 727-0118 and speak with a representative. You may also call +1–800–633–0441 to speak with independent flight experts who are always available to answer your questions. There is a team of qualified aviation experts on call to help you with any issues you may encounter with your flight ticket.

Note: All the information displayed on the Okeyard Website has been compiled from official sources to provide travelers with legal information about airline policies so that they may make an informed decision when needed. Although Okeyard Travel has no control over the actions of the official airlines.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to change passenger name in Singapore Airlines?

Changing a name or transferring your ticket to another person is not allowed. However, As per the Singapore Airlines change name on ticket rules, you can change you name due to legal reasons like marriage or divorce.

Q2. Can you change an airline ticket to another person?

No changing or transferring your ticket to another person is restricted according to the Singapore Airlines name change policy.

Q3. How much is the cost to change a passenger name?

Requesting Singapore airlines change the name on the ticket/corrections is free if you request within 24 hours of purchasing the ticket. However, when 24 hours pass, you may be asked to pay a minimum of 50 USD and more depending on the request and fare type.

Q4. What are the documents required for Singapore airlines change name on ticket?

As per the Singapore Airlines name change policy, when requesting a name alteration, a passenger may be asked to submit a copy of their passport,marriage certificate, divorce decree, court orders, and other government-issued identification for legal formalities and identity verification.

Q5. What is the easiest method to change name in flight ticket Singapore Airlines?

Among various methods, appealing for a name change on a ticket is effortless via Singapore Airlines customer support number. Dial +1 (833) 727-0118 to talk to a representative or call +1-800-633-0441 and reach always-accessible flight experts at the independent consolidation desk.

Q6. How to call Singapore Airlines name change helpline?

For a request regarding Singapore Airlines name change, passengers can call 1 (833) 727-0118 or dial +1-800-633-0441 to talk with a consolidation desk for swift solutions.

Q7. Can I board Singapore Airlines with no last name on ticket?

No, you cannot board Singapore Airlines with no last name on the ticket. A valid last name is required for identification and security purposes.

Q8. Can I change name Singapore Airlines at airport?

Yes, depending on the conditions and the airline's rules, you might be allowed to alter your name on a Singapore Airlines ticket at the airport.

Q9. How to contact helpdesk for Singapore Airlines name change?

Callers can request a name change on Singapore Airlines by dialing 1 (833) 727-0118. For quick fixes, call the travel expert at +1-800-633-0441.

Q10. How does legal name change Singapore Airlines policy work?

Singapore Airlines typically requires passengers to travel under the name listed on their identification documents. If your name has legally changed, contact the airline's customer service to update your ticket details accordingly.

Q11. What are the rules of airlines when changing the destination?

When changing the destination on an airline ticket, the rules regarding add-ons such as extra baggage, preferred seating, and other deals can vary. Depending on the airline's policy, these add-ons may be transferred to the new ticket automatically, canceled altogether, or require the passenger to repurchase them. It's essential for passengers to review the specific terms and conditions of the airline they are flying with to understand how changes to the destination impact any additional services or amenities they may have purchased.

Q12. What does the general amount airlines charge for changing the dates of a flight ticket?

Airlines typically charge a fee for changing the dates of a flight ticket. The exact amount you will be charged for this service depends on various factors such as the specific dates, destination, and the travel class you are choosing. In general, these fees can range anywhere from 75 USD to 300 USD, but it is advisable to check with your specific airline for the most accurate and up-to-date information on their change fees.

Q13. Which is better: canceling the flight ticket or changing it?

The decision of whether to cancel or change a flight ticket depends on whether the ticket is refundable. If the ticket is refundable, it would be more beneficial to cancel it and obtain a refund. On the other hand, if the ticket is non-refundable, the preferable choice would be to opt for changing the flight ticket.

Q14. Can I change my flight that is already booked?

Certainly! When it comes to altering a flight that has already been booked, it is possible to make changes such as adjusting the destination, time, or date of the flight. However, it's important to note that once changes are made, the ticket will need to be reissued. Be prepared for additional fees from the airline as they typically charge for modifications to flight reservations. These charges will be reflected as a separate transaction on your credit card statement.

Q15. How can one change a flight ticket without paying any fees?

To change a flight ticket without incurring fees, there are several strategies you can employ: 1. Change within 24 hours of booking: Many airlines have a grace period within which you can make changes to your booking without any additional charges. Be prompt in making any necessary alterations soon after your initial booking. 2. Contact customer service: If you need to modify your flight details, reaching out to the airline's customer service team can often help you navigate the process of changing your ticket without paying extra fees. They may provide guidance on the best course of action to take. 3. Opt for same-day changes: Some airlines allow passengers to change their flight to the same day without imposing additional fees. This can be a convenient option if your travel plans shift unexpectedly. 4. Choose a flexible ticket: Consider purchasing a flexible ticket if you anticipate the need to modify your itinerary. Flexible tickets often come with the benefit of allowing changes without incurring penalties, offering you more freedom in adjusting your travel arrangements. 5. Take advantage of airline loyalty programs: Airlines frequently offer perks to their frequent flyer members, such as waived change fees or discounted rates for making modifications to bookings. Enrolling in these programs can provide you with opportunities to change your flight ticket without paying extra fees.

Q16. How to change a flight ticket through a mobile app?

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to change a flight ticket through a mobile app: 1. Download and install the mobile app of the airline you have booked your flight with. 2. Look for the option in the app menu called "Manage Booking" or a similar variation that indicates ticket modifications. 3. Enter the required information such as your last name and booking confirmation code to access your reservation details. 4. Proceed to select the specific flight or reservation you wish to change and make the necessary adjustments according to your preferences. 5. After finalizing the changes, ensure to save your modifications to confirm the updated flight details. 6. Lastly, if there are any additional fees or charges associated with the changes made, be prepared to pay the required amount as requested by the airline during the process.

Q17. What is the date change policy of Singapore Airlines?

The date change policy of Singapore Airlines states that passengers must be familiar with the airline's booking policies and terms and conditions before changing their flight date. Changes can be made easily through the Manage Booking option on the airline's website. Within 24 hours of booking, passengers can change their flight date without any fees. If the ticket was booked through a travel agent, passengers must contact the agent for assistance with date changes. When changing the flight date only, seat and extra baggage options may be transferred to the new ticket or canceled.

Q18. What are the things to remember while rescheduling a flight ticket for Singapore Airlines?

When rescheduling a flight ticket for Singapore Airlines, there are several important things to remember. Firstly, it is advisable to reschedule the ticket only if you have a valid reason to do so, and you may need to provide proof of this reason. There are two main methods for rescheduling a flight with Singapore Airlines: online and offline. Keep in mind that the airline typically charges a fee for changing your flight, so you should be prepared to pay an additional amount for the rescheduled ticket.

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