How To Change Name On KLM Ticket?

KLM Airlines Name Change Policy

When it comes to editing your name on a flight ticket because of a spelling error, it is a simple process. With KLM Airlines, there is a KLM name correction policy in place to assist passengers with name errors when they are most in need.

To ensure a smooth journey with KLM Airlines, please make sure to enter all the relevant information as it appears on your government-issued identification. By doing so, you will be less likely to make mistakes when booking tickets. In any case, if this occurs, you must familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions associated with KLM change name on ticket policy. 

About KLM Name Change

KLM name correction refers to the situation where you need to correct your name due to spelling mistakes made during the booking. However, read the change name KLM policy to know how many characters are allowed to be correct at a time as changing the whole name is not permitted. While correcting your name, make sure your name on the ticket matches all the legal documents. 

KLM name change refers to the situation when you need to change your name due to unavoidable circumstances like marriage or divorce. For identity validation, make sure you have all the documentation handy including a marriage certificate, divorce decree, court orders, etc as per your situation. 

What Are The Rules To Change Name On KLM Ticket? 

KLM change name on ticket process has unavoidable rules for passengers who want to modify their wrong/misspelled name on a ticket. Let’s look at some of the terms and conditions to change name KLM below - 

  • As per the KLM name change policy, passengers can change their names up to thirty hours before the scheduled flight departure time. 
  • If your ticket was not bought from the official KLM Airlines, then it might not be possible for you to make amendments with KLM wrong name on ticket. 
  • If the name error occurs due to typographical/spelling mistakes, it can be managed for free under KLM change passenger name rules. However, make sure you request at least 30 hours before the departure time.
  • Additionally, when traveling with a different airline partner, you should request for KLM ticket name change at least 72 hours before the flight departure. 
  • As per the KLM name correction policy, a passenger is not allowed to change their full name. 
  • KLM change passenger name or transferring your ticket is prohibited. 
  • As the most important rule of change name KLM, passengers can’t make modifications to their name on the ticket on the flight departure date. 
  • If you have KLM reward tickets, it is impossible to correct or change passenger name KLM. 
  • If you got your ticket without space between first name, middle name, and last name, there is no need for modifications. 

Acceptable KLM Ticket Name Change Request

There are a variety of reasons that lead to change name KLM ticket. Some of the KLM ticket name change requests allowed by the Air Carrier are mentioned below - 

1. KLM Name Change Marraige/Divorce

Marriage and divorce are a few scenarios in which KLM Airlines permits passengers to change names on flight tickets that are already confirmed. However, as per the KLM name change marriage policy, it is mandatory to submit a marriage certificate for identity verification. Similarly, submitting a divorce decree will be required in the divorce case. 

2. Misspelled Name Correction 

KLM Misspelled name correction/troubleshooting typographical errors include correcting three to four wrong letters from the first name, middle name, and last name. That means a passenger can’t amend up to 4 characters from the wrong name at a time as per KLM name correction policy. While processing the modification, make sure you have the supporting documents to show the representative for validation as proof. 

Non-Acceptable KLM Airlines Name Change

There is no longer a way for KLM Airlines to provide support for passengers who wish to change the owner of the ticket or transfer the ticket to another person. As per the transfer ticket to another person KLM policy, tickets are non-transferable. However, in that case, a passenger have to cancel their ticket and rebook a new ticket with a passenger’s new details. 

What Documents Needed To Change Name On KLM Ticket?

The following documents will be required for KLM change name on ticket -

  • Passport 
  • Fee receipt of previous flight booking
  • Government-issued photo ID
  • Marriage certificate, divorce decree, and court orders 

How To Change Name On KLM Ticket?

Passengers may alter their names in a variety of ways. Online through the official website, offline via the KLM name change Support number, or by visiting the airport’s ticket counter.

However, make sure you follow the time frame specific for name correction under the KLM change ticket name policy. 

1 - Name Alteration Via Official Website

There are simple steps to learn how to change name on KLM ticket online. Follow the step-by-step instructions online method under KLM name correction policy below -  

Step 1 - Open the KLM Airlines official website

Step 2 - Tap on the “LOGIN” button.

Step 3 - Use your login credentials (username and password) to access your booking.

Step 4 - On the homepage, look for the manage booking section and click on it.

Step 5 - Enter the booking reference code along with the passenger’s last name. 

Step 6 - Double-check the information and tap on the continue button.

Step 7 - Search and select the appropriate trip in which you want to make modifications.

Step 8 - Click on the “Modify” tab.

Step 9 - Make necessary changes to the name.

Step 10 - Ensure you attach the documents for validation.

Step 11 - Pay the KLM name change cost if required. 

Step 12 - When your request is approved, you will receive the confirmation on your registered mail ID. 

2 - Fixing Name Errors Via KLM Name Change Number

Dialing KLM name change number is another way to request for correcting KLM wrong name on the ticket. Follow the simple steps below  to change name KLM.  

Step 1 - Dial the KLM name change helpline number 1 (800) 618-0104 or +1–800–633–0441 to connect with independent travel support team. 

Step 2 - Follow the instructions and set up a language as your preferred language to connect with the agent.

Step 3 - Choose the name change option from the available options.

Step 4 - Get in touch with the representative.

Step 5 - Tell them about the name changes you want.

Step 6 - Once done, recheck your name and match it with your passport.

Step 7 - Agree to the given instruction and submit your response.

Step 8 - One the process is done, the agent will deliver a new ticket to your registered mail ID.

3 - Change/Correct Name Via Airport Counter

When you fail to change passenger name KLM via official website, or customer support number, there is an option to appeal via the Airport’s counter. Follow the simple steps below to learn how to change name KLM. 

Step 1 - Visit the nearest KLM Airport’s counter.

Step 2 - Reach the available customer service department.

Step 3 - The agent will give you KLM change passenger name form. Fill out the form.

Step 4 - While filling out the form, mentioning your booking reference number, name, DOB, etc is mandatory.

Step 5 - After filing the form, attach all the copies of the required documents as evidence.

Step 6 - Pay the klm name change fee when the agent asks. 

Step 7 - As soon as the agent completes the process, you will get your new ticket on your registered mail ID. 

What Is The KLM Name Change Cost?

According to the revised klm change name on ticket policy, there will be no klm name change cost if you request for alteration at least 30 hours before the scheduled departure time. After this risk-free period, paying extra charges along with fare difference would be necessary. 

For passengers with KLM’s Partner Airlines who want to change passenger name KLM, need to submit their application at least 72 hours before the scheduled departure time. Overall, the cost to change name on KLM ticket depends on the time you are requesting and on the fare class type you have purchased. 

Note - To know the most clear idea about the KLM name change cost, you should dial the KLM name change Support number at 1 (800) 618-0104 or reach flight experts at +1–800–633–0441. 

Can I Change The Name On A KLM Ticket?

Yes, as per the policy to change passenger name KLM, travelers are allowed to make corrections with their wrong/misspelled name on the ticket up to four characters. Under the KLM name change policy, minor name correction may only require a passport for validation. However, legal name change due to marriage/divorce will require a marriage certificate/divorce decree as per your situation. 

Can I Transfer My KLM Ticket To Another Person?

No, transfer ticket to another person KLM policy does not allow passengers to transfer their ticket to someone else. That means you can’t change the ownership of the flight ticket. In that case, you have to cancel your flight ticket and rebook your ticket with the new passenger’s details. 

How To Change Last Name On KLM Ticket?

To change last name on KLM ticket, a passenger can go with various options including navigating the Manage Booking section via the official KLM Airlines website. Moreover, contact the representative by dialing the KLM name change support number 1 (800) 618-0104 or +1–800–633–0441 to take advantage of independent travel experts anytime. Make sure you have all the legal documents for identity verification and a smooth name change process. 

What If KLM Middle Name Not On Ticket?

No worries. As per the KLM name change policy, it is unnecessary to travel with middle name on KLM ticket. As far as your first and last name matches the name on your passport and government-issued Identification, you can travel. 

Need Help For KLM Name Change On Ticket?

Whenever you need help for KLM name change, there is an official KLM name change number 1 (800) 618-0104. Otherwise, you can dial +1–800–633–0441 (always available) to connect with independent flight experts. All you need to tell them about your name change concerns and get immediate assistance from qualified travel professionals.

Note: All the information displayed on the Okeyard Website has been compiled from official sources to provide travelers with legal information about airline policies so that they may make an informed decision when needed. Although Okeyard Travel has no control over the actions of the official airlines.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does KLM require a middle name?

No, adding middle name on KLM ticket is not mandatory according to the KLM change passenger name policy. You can travel only with the presence of your first and last name on the ticket.

Q2. What are the documents needed for KLM name change due to marriage?

When applying KLM name change due to marriage, you have to submit a copy of your marriage certificate, court orders etc.

Q3. How much does it cost to change name on KLM flight ticket?

As per the KLM name correction policy, name alterations made within 24 hours of booking may not require any charges. However, major KLM change ticket name requests require fees depending on the fare type your purchased and the time you are requesting for it.

Q4. How to change name on KLM ticket online?

Open KLM Airlines website > Login using your credentials > Enter last name and booking reference number to retrieve your booking > Tap on the name you want to edit > Make necessary changes by attaching all the supporting documents for validation > Pay The fee if applicable.

Q5. Can I board with KLM Misspelled name on Ticket?

No, boarding with the wrong name on KLM ticket is not possible under KLM name correction policy. As a frequent flyer, while booking you have to make sure that your name matches the name on your government-approved photo ID proofs.

Q6. How to connect KLM name change helpline?

Passengers can dial the official name change KLM number 1 (800) 618-0104 or can call the consolidation desk for swift solutions at +1-800-633-0441.

Q7. Can I transfer my KLM ticket to another person?

KLM tickets are non-transferable, which means they cannot be given to another individual. The traveler's name on the ticket and their identity must match while boarding the plane.

Q8. Can I change my first name on KLM ticket?

Yes, in order to modify a passenger's first name on a ticket, KLM normally needs official paperwork, such as a court decree. To get help and detailed information about name changes, get in touch with KLM's customer care at 1 (800) 618-0104. Dial +1-800-633-0441 to obtain help from a travel expert.

Q9. How to change name KLM through online method?

Visit KLM's official website > enter your user ID and password to log in > choose Manage Booking by clicking on it > Put your booking reference code and last name here > choose your trip, select Edit > perform all of the necessary name modifications > Provide legitimate documentation as evidence.

Q10. How many characters can I edit in KLM name change?

Only three to four letters may be changed for your first, middle, and last name when submitting a KLM ticket name modification or correction, per the airline's name correction policy.

Q11. What if I accidentally booked a ticket with the wrong name on the KLM flight ticket?

If you discover that you mistakenly booked a KLM flight ticket with an incorrect name, KLM's policy on name changes permits you to rectify up to three characters. Small name corrections are usually provided at no additional charge. However, changing the legal name on the ticket may incur a fee. It is essential to review and adhere to KLM's specific guidelines and potential charges for name corrections to ensure smooth travel arrangements.

Q12. How do I talk to a live agent for KLM change flight name?

To speak to a live agent regarding a name change for a KLM flight, passengers can contact the official representatives at 1800 419 3044. Alternatively, for a faster assistance option, individuals may dial +1-800-633-0441 to connect with an independent flight attendant who can offer comprehensive details to assist in the seamless boarding process.

Q13. What is the KLM customer support email address?

The KLM customer support email addresses are [email protected] and [email protected]. Passengers can direct their queries regarding name changes to either of these email addresses.

Q14. Can I board with KLM wrong name on ticket?

If the name on your KLM ticket is incorrect or misspelled, it is essential to address this issue before attempting to board the flight. Boarding the plane with a name that does not match the one on your passport can lead to complications and inconvenience during your journey. It is advised to contact KLM to request a correction or change to your flight name to ensure a smooth boarding process and to avoid any potential issues.

Q15. What is the KLM name change fee if we request it within 24 hours of booking?

If you request a name change on a KLM flight ticket within 24 hours of making the booking, there will be no KLM name change fee associated with the amendment. However, once the 24-hour risk-free period has lapsed, you will be required to pay the relevant charges for any subsequent changes to the booking, which may include a KLM name change fee.

Q16. How to change the name on a KLM ticket online?

To change the name on a KLM ticket online, you can follow these steps on the official KLM website: 1. Log in using your user ID and password. 2. Click on "manage booking." 3. Enter your last name and booking reference code. 4. Select your trip and click on the "Edit" option. 5. Make the necessary changes to your name. 6. Attach valid documents as proof of the name change.

Q17. How can passengers request a name change via KLM Customer Support Email?

Passengers who need to request a name change through KLM Customer Support Email can do so by contacting the official KLM support email addresses, which are [email protected] and [email protected]. These email addresses belong to KLM and are actively used to address queries regarding the airline's name correction policy. By reaching out to these specific email addresses, passengers can effectively communicate their requests for name changes and receive assistance from KLM's customer support team.

Q18. How can passengers talk to live agents via the KLM support chat?

Passengers can easily communicate with live agents through the KLM support chat by following a series of steps. Firstly, they need to open the KLM website and proceed to the Contact Us page. From there, they should navigate to the customer support section. Once located, they can find and click on the live chat option to initiate the conversation. A chat box will appear where passengers can type their messages. If they do not find a suitable query from the provided options, they can simply type 'live agent' to be connected to a representative. Subsequently, passengers may need to respond to a few questions on their screen before being successfully connected to a live agent for further assistance.

Q19. What is the KLM Airlines Phone Number for 24/7 assistance?

For 24/7 assistance with KLM Airlines, you can reach out to their dedicated phone line at 1 (800) 618-0104. Additionally, if you need immediate assistance and prefer not to wait for the official customer service line, you can quickly connect with independent travel service providers by dialing +1-800-633-0441. This alternative option can help save you valuable time in getting the support you need.

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