How To Change Name On Emirates Ticket?

Emirates Name Change

Worried about the incorrect name or typo error on your flight ticket? With Emirates Airlines you can still embark on your journey using the ticket, if you follow the name correction policy of the airline. The Emirates name correction policy, lets you make necessary corrections/changes on your flight booking, ensuring a hassle-free travel experience. 

Continue reading the information to explore the guidelines, fees, and methods associated with Emirates change name on ticket.

What Is Emirates Name Correction Policy?

Making mistakes while reserving a flight ticket is a common phenomenon. Emirates Airlines acknowledges the need for modifications on the booking and helps passengers with its name change policy. The name correction policy allows you to alter the incorrect name and issues a new ticket with the correct name. Passengers can edit up to four letters for free within 24 hours of reservation. Beyond 24 hours, the airline might charge Emirates name change cost along with the fare difference, if any.

Guidelines To Follow For Emirates Ticket Name Change

Here are the eligibility criteria you must fulfill to correct Emirates misspelled name.  

  • As per the name change policy, you can rectify about four letters in the first, middle, or last name. 
  • Passengers must complete the name change process up to 2 hours prior to the flight. 
  • The airline permits travelers to change the name on their ticket under specific legal circumstances such as divorce, marriage, or adoption. However, you should provide valid documents like a divorce/marriage certificate, passport, or court decree for authentication. 
  • Emirates doesn’t permit the transfer of a ticket to someone else by changing the complete name on it.  
  • Passengers who have made flight bookings using the Skywards Frequent Flyer Reward account can’t change their name on the reservation. You can modify minor errors (up to four letters) on your name.  
  • Major name corrections/changes are subject to the Emirates name change cost and applicable fare difference. 
  • After completing the name correction procedure, travelers must go through the check-in procedure and choose their seats again. 

What Types Of Name Change Requests Emirates Accepts?

Following are the Emirates change of name guidelines that you must know before requesting a name change. 

  • Minor Name Correction: Passengers can modify up to four characters in first, middle, or last name to match the name on your travel document. You might need to pay the name change fees. 
  • Add/Remove Middle Name: The airline lets you correct/add/remove a middle name on your flight ticket. Flight rebooking in the higher or same class, based on availability. Passengers have to pay the name change charge together with the applicable fare difference. 
  • Add/Remove Suffix/Prefix: Travelers can add a title, suffix, or title to their name to match the name on their passport or government-approved ID. The correct name and cost will vary for domestic and international. 
  • Legal Name Change: According to the Emirates name correction policy, name change is allowed under legal considerations like divorce, marriage, or adoption. Also, you should submit documents like a divorce/marriage agreement or court decree for verification. Emirates name change fee might apply.      

What Documents Are Essential For Emirates Flight Name Change?

As per the name correction policy, documents required for name change/modification will vary depending on your request type. Let’s take a look at the documents you must keep handy before requesting the Emirates ticket name change. 

  • Passport or government-approved photo ID for minor name correction. 
  • Marriage/divorce certificate to change maiden name to married name or vice-versa. 
  • Court orders for legal name change. 
  • Name change/correction application. 
  • The flight ticket with the incorrect name. 

How To Request Emirates Change Name On Ticket Online?

The airline provides two online modes to alter minor spelling errors. You can either move to the official website or use the mobile app to place a name correction request. Here is the step-by-step procedure that lets you correct the Emirates misspelled name online. 

  • First of all, move to the Emirates Airlines website or launch the mobile app.
  • Then, select the Manage Your Booking option.
  • Next, specify your 6-digit reference code and last name and hit the Retrieve Booking tab. 
  • Now, tap the Name Correction button and input the correct name. 
  • After that, you should pay the name correction cost and the fare difference, if any. 
  • You will get a new e-ticket with your correct name within 4 hours of completing the process.  

How To Initiate Emirates Flight Name Change Offline?

Passengers have two offline options first over the phone and second at the airport counter to request a name change. Go through the below sections to understand both the ways in detail.   

Name Change Over The Phone 

Let’s understand the procedure that will permit travelers to alter/change a name on their booking over the phone. 

  • Reach out to the Emirates customer service at 1 (800) 777-3999, or you can dial +1-800-633-0441 (OTA) to get immediate assistance. 
  • Provide your booking details, like reference code and last name, to retrieve your booking and request the representative to change the name. 
  • Share the reason for the name change, like the legal name change, add/remove prefix/suffix/title, or alter minor spelling mistakes. 
  • The executive might ask for documents like a marriage/divorce agreement, passport, or court order to justify the change. 
  • Pay the Emirates flight name change cost and fare difference, if any.  
  • After finishing the name modification process, you will obtain confirmation from the airline. 

Name Modification At the Airport 

For last-minute name modification it is best to visit the nearest airport ticket counter. Once reached at the counter, share the problem and request for necessary name modification. Remember to carry valid documents like passport, marriage/divorce agreement, or court order for authentication. The executive will help you with the Emirates change passenger name process. 

How To Change Name On Emirates Skywards Account?

Follow the simple instructions below to initiate the Emirates skywards change name. 

  • Head to the Emirates Airlines website and sign into your Skywards account.
  • Select the Manage Booking tab to access the pre-booked flights. 
  • Choose the name you need to rectify. 
  • Hit the Edit Name tab and specify the new name. 
  • Lastly, tap the Confirm button and pay the required name change cost, if any.  

What Is Emirates Name Change Cost?

Changing/altering misspellings or typo errors on the Emirates ticket is free within 24 hours of reservation. After 24 hours, passengers have to pay between $200 to $250 to change name on Emirates ticket, which will depend on the fare type, destination, request type, etc. Along with the name change fee, you might need to pay the applicable fare difference.  

Can You Change Last Name On Emirates Ticket Due To Marriage?

Certainly, according to the Emirates name change policy, travelers can change their last name only in case of marriage, divorce, or other legal compulsion. Also, the Emirates name change marriage or divorce must be supported by valid legal documents, including a divorce/marriage certificate, passport, or court order. Remember, you might have to pay the Emirates change passenger name cost and fare difference, if any, to change a name.  

Can I Change Name On Emirates Ticket Through Customer Support?

Yes, you can make a name change on the Emirates Airways ticket, just contact the Emirates customer service at 1 (800) 777-3999. Additionally you can dial +1-800-633-0441 to connect with the consolidation desk for quick assistance. It’s easy and secure, you have to keep your booking reference and last name ready to get started. The airline can charge the name change cost to change your name on the reservation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How much does it cost to change name on Emirates Airlines ticket?

Simple name modifications (up to four characters) within 24 hours are free. However, Emirates change name on ticket might incur a fee between $200 to $250 based on the fare type, destination, or request type.

Q2. Do I have to put my middle name on Emirates ticket?

No, it’s not necessary to mention the middle name on your Emirates ticket. However, you can alter/add/remove a middle name on your ticket to match the name appearing on your passport or government-authorized ID.

Q3. Can I change name on Emirates ticket via customer service?

Definitely, yes! Emirates change of name is possible offline through customer support. Just dial the airline’s customer service number 1 (800) 777-3999 or +1-800-633-0441 (OTA) for immediate help. Provide essential information to the executive and follow the instructions.

Q4. How can I change my last name on Emirates Airlines?

The airline lets you change the last name under legal considerations like marriage or divorce. You can easily change the name on your Emirates Airways flight ticket by contacting the airline’s customer care helpdesk.

Q5. Can I transfer my Emirates ticket to another passenger?

No, Emirates doesn’t allow transfer of ticket to someone else under the name correction policy. You can only alter four letters of the first/middle/last name or change a maiden name to married name in case of legal compulsion.

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