How To Change Name On Lufthansa Ticket?

Lufthansa name Change

Have you realized a misspelled name, typo error, or missing middle name on the Lufthansa ticket? Or do you need to change your maiden name to a married name? The airline acknowledges such situations and provides an easy-to-understand name change policy. With the Lufthansa name change policy, travelers can rectify minor spelling errors and change their names due to marriage, divorce, or other legal considerations. 

To know about the name change policy, fee, and methods to change name Lufthansa, you should walk through the information compiled below. 

What Is Lufthansa Name Change Policy?

According to the name change policy, the name on your flight booking should be identical to the name on your passport or government-approved ID. To meet this requirement, Lufthansa allows passengers to make the necessary adjustment to a misspelled name. Also, you should submit essential documents such as a passport, marriage/divorce certificate, or court decree. You might also need to pay the Lufthansa name change fee along with the applicable fare difference. 

Rules To Follow For Lufthansa Name Change On Ticket 

Following are the important name change requirements that passengers must fulfill to alter/change their on the ticket. 

  • The LH flight number and the flight should be managed or marketed by Lufthansa. 
  • As per the Lufthansa name correction policy, passengers can alter about two letters in the first/middle/last name. 
  • Only one name correction on the LH ticket is allowed. 
  • The airline does not let you completely change the name or transfer the ticket to someone else. 
  • The name correction policy only applies to individual bookings. 
  • The Lufthansa incorrect name on the ticket request can't be allowed in the mixed PNR that consists of flight segments from other airlines. 
  • Name corrections within 24 hours of reservation are free. However, after a 24-hour risk-free period, in case of ticket re-issuance, you might need to pay the Lufthansa name change fee and fare difference, if any. 
  • The airline has online and offline ways to change or modify a name on the ticket. 

What Kinds Of Name Change Does Lufthansa Accept?

There can be different reasons for the passengers to request a name change/correction, like altering a misspelled name, or typo error, or a legal name change. Let's take a look at the different types of name changes LH allows. 

Correct Misspelled Name: According to the Lufthansa name correction policy, you can alter the first/middle/family name by two letters. Remember, the two letters mean the combined total and not two letters each for first name, middle name, and family name.   

Add/Remove Middle Name: Passengers can rectify, add, or remove the middle name on their flight ticket. In such situations, the ticket will be reissued, and the flight must be rebooked in the lower/higher or same available class. You might have to pay the name correction cost and the applicable fare difference. 

Changing A Nickname To Full Name: Travelers need a legal document to request a name where they can modify the first middle, family name, or a combination of them. 

Add Suffix/Prefix: The airline allows passengers to add, remove, or alter the title, prefix, or suffix to their name. Passengers might need to pay the name change charge together with the applicable fare difference.  

Legal Name Change: As per the name change policy, travelers are allowed to change their name under legal considerations like marriage, divorce, or adoption. Also, the Lufthansa name change marriage or divorce should be supported by valid documents like a marriage/divorce certificate or court order.  

Documents Essential For Lufthansa Ticket Name Change

To change/alter a name on your Lufthansa flight ticket, you must provide the following valid documents for authentication. 

  • Travel documents like a passport and Visa. 
  • Old and new government-approved photo ID. 
  • Documents like a marriage license, divorce certificate, or court order for validation. 
  • Ticket with incorrect name. 

How To Change Name On Lufthansa Airlines Ticket Online?

Here is what you should do to rectify a misspelled name or change a name online through the official website. 

  • First of all, move to the official Lufthansa website and move to the Manage Booking tab. 
  • Then, Specify the 6-digit reference code and your last name to retrieve your booking. 
  • Next, tap the Name Change tab and input the correct name. You can correct only two letters. 
  • Now, you should provide documents like a passport or government-approved ID for validation. 
  • After that, pay the Lufthansa name change fee together with the applicable fare difference and wait for a confirmation from the airline. 

How To Request Lufthansa Name Change On Ticket Offline?

In case you encounter any issues while requesting a name change online, you can reach out to the airline's customer support for assistance. You can connect with customer care helpdesk over the phone or at the airport. Let's understand both the methods:

Name Change Over The Phone 

For major name modifications, it is best to contact Lufthansa customer service at 1 (800) 645-3880. You can also dial +1-800-633-0441 to connect with the consolidation desk and get instant assistance. 

  • Once connected with the airline's representative, share your six-digit reservation code or ticket number. 
  • Share the reason and request the executive to modify the name on your ticket. 
  • You should pay the change name Lufthansa fee and the fare difference, if any, to process the name change request. 
  • After making the transaction, you will get a name change confirmation from the airline. 

Name Modification At The Airport

Passengers can also make a name correction request at the airport ticket counter. Although it's a better option for last-minute modifications, you can visit your nearest airport and request a name modification. Remember to carry documents like a government-approved ID, marriage certificate, or divorce decree to justify the change. Also, you might need to pay a Lufthansa name change fee.  

How To Change Name On Flight Ticket Lufthansa Via Live Chat?

Another way to request a name modification and ask questions is to connect with the airline through live chat. Remember to keep your booking details handy. To use the airline's live chat service, follow these steps. 

  • Head to the Lufthansa website and select the Connect with Us option. 
  • Choose to talk with the online representative. 
  • Pick an option from the available list or write it in the name change request. 
  • Submit your ticket code or the PNR for booking. 
  • Select the reason for name modification. 
  • Input the correct name and pay the name correction charge to submit the request.
  • Lastly, you will obtain a Lufthansa ticket name change confirmation on your verified email address or mobile number. 

How Much Is Lufthansa Name Change Fee?

The airline doesn't charge a name correction fee if passengers make the request within 24 hours of flight booking. Beyond 24 hours, you should pay a name change fee of between EUR 25 and EUR 100, depending on your ticket type, destination, and request type. Passengers might need to pay the applicable fare difference.  

Can I Change Name On Lufthansa Ticket Due To Marriage?

Indeed, as per the Lufthansa name change marriage guideline, you can change a name under legal considerations such as divorce, marriage, adoption, etc. To make a legal name change request, you should submit documents like a marriage certificate, divorce agreement, or court decree for authentication.  

Can I Transfer Lufthansa Flight Ticket To Someone Else?

According to the Lufthansa name change policy, passengers are not allowed to change the entire name on the ticket or transfer it to another person. The airline allows name correction up to two letters and name change due to legal compulsion. Also, the name change must be backed by valid legal documents.

Can You Change A Name On A Lufthansa Flight via Customer Support?

Yes, you can change the name on Lufthansa flights ticket, but it is subject to specific name change conditions and fees. You should contact Lufthansa flights customer support at 1 (800) 645-3880. Alternatively, you can dial +1-800-633-0441 (OTA) to get your name changed. The executive helps you complete the procedure and documentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. I forget to put my second last name when booking a Lufthansa flight?

According to the Lufthansa name correction policy, as long as your name on the flight ticket matches the name on your travel document, you can easily board the flight.

Q2. Can I change my last name on the Lufthansa flight ticket?

Yes, you can make a legal name change resulting from marriage, divorce, or gender reassignment. However, Lufthansa name change marriage or divorce must be backed by legal documents like a divorce/marriage certificate or court order for validation.

Q3. How to change the name on Lufthansa Airlines ticket through customer support?

To change name Lufthansa, you should contact Lufthansa Flights customer support at 1 (800) 645-3880. Also, you can call +1-800-633-0441 (OTA) to get your name changed in minutes.

Q4. Does Lufthansa need the middle name on the flight ticket?

If your travel document or government-approved ID has a middle name, your ticket must also have that name. However, as per the Lufthansa name correction policy, it's not necessary to mention the middle name as long as the name matches the name on your passport.

Q5. What documents are required for a name change with Lufthansa?

You should submit valid documents like a passport or government-authorized ID. You might also need to provide legal documents such as a marriage license, divorce decree, or court order to support the Lufthansa ticket name change.

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