How To Change Name On Ryanair Flight?

Ryanair Name Change

There are times when passengers accidentally enter incorrect information while making reservations. Which results in errors in the first name, last name, or middle name. Ryanair recognised such issues and has devised a name change policy to tackle such situations. The Ryanair name change policy, lets travelers alter minor misspellings or typo errors or change a name due to legal considerations. 

For hassle-free name modification it is essential to understand the terms and conditions that comply with the policy. Here, you will find all the major Ryanair ticket name change rules, fees, methods, and more. 

How Does Ryanair Name Change Policy Work?

According to the name change policy, travelers can modify as well as change a name (in case of legal considerations) on their Ryanair flight ticket. The policy works via specific rules. Generally, they include guidelines with respect to the name change type, time duration, applicable charges, and others. By complying with Ryanair name change terms and conditions, passengers can make changes/corrections to their flight tickets.    

Guidelines To Change Name On Ryanair Ticket

The name change policy guides passengers to make modifications mainly to the name on their flight booking. According to the policy, you must remember that the details on your ticket should be the same as mentioned on your government-approved ID or passport.

Following are the guidelines to understand before requesting a name change. 

  • Travelers can request name changes only on the flights operated and managed by Ryanair. 
  • The airline doesn't allow name changes/modifications on the partner airline or the codeshare or interline agreements partners. 
  • Passengers can make name correction requests only once each booking. 
  • Name modifications (up to three letters) are free within 24 hours of reservation. However, the fare difference might apply. 
  • You must place the name change request at least 4 hours prior to the departure. 
  • After completing the Ryanair Ticket Name Change process, your ticket will be reissued to the higher or similar class of service, subject to availability. 

What Type Of Name Change Does Ryanair Accept?

Let's understand the type of name change/correction Ryanair permits in detail. 

  • Correct Misspelling/Typo Error: According to the Ryanair name change policy, spelling mistakes of about three letters per name can be altered for free up to 48 hours prior to the departure.   
  • Modify Middle And Second Last Name: The airline doesn't require passengers to mention their second name, middle name, or double-barreled last name when booking a flight ticket. 
  • Legal Name Change: Passengers can change names only in case of legal compulsions like marriage, divorce, or adoption. However, to support Ryanair Name Change Marriage/divorce, you must provide valid documents such as a marriage/divorce certificate, passport, or court order. 

Documents Essential For Ryanair Ticket Name Change

Passengers must provide the following documents to Change Name on Ryanair Ticket

  • Flight ticket with the wrong or misspelled name. 
  • Name change/correct application. 
  • Passport or government-authorized photo ID. 
  • Marriage certificate, divorce agreement, or court order to support legal name change. 

How To Change Passenger Name On Ryanair Ticket Online? 

The airline has multiple online and offline modes in place to make the name change process straightforward and convenient. However, the best way to rectify minor spelling errors is doing it online from the official website. 

  • Firstly, you should move to the official Ryanair website or launch the mobile app. 
  • Secondly, hit the My Bookings tab on the website or "My Trips" on the mobile app. 
  • Then, tap the "Change Name" tab and select the name you need to modify. 
  • Next, input the correct name and select the Check the "Price" option. 
  • After this, pay the Ryanair name change fee and fare difference, if any. 
  • Lastly, you will obtain a confirmation with an updated name on your email address. 

How To Make A Name Change With Ryanair Offline? 

For major name correction or legal name change, the offline modes are the best. You can directly connect with the airline over the phone or at the airport to request a name change. 

Name Change Over The Phone  

To change name on Ryanair ticket by phone, all you must do is contact Ryanair customer support at +44 113 868 4151. Additionally, you can dial +1-800-633-0441 to connect with the consolidation desk and get immediate assistance. Once connected with the airline's representative, you must provide essential information like personal information (passenger name), booking details (reference code), and documents like divorce/marriage certificate, court order, or passport. You might need to pay the name change cost as well as the fare difference, if any.  

Name Correction At The Airport 

Passengers who can't make a name modification/change online or over the phone can do so at the airport. Remember you can alter a name at the check-in counters of Ryanair about two hours prior to the departure. You must carry the essential legal documents to change name on your ticket and might need to pay the service fee along with the Ryanair Name Change Fee.  

How To Update Name On Ryanair Ticket Through ChatBot?

Another way to make Ryanair name change is via ChatBot, Molli of the airline. To place a name change request via the ChatBot, go through these instructions: 

  • First, you need to head to the Ryanair website and hit the Help tab. 
  • Then, select the Help Centre option from the available dropdown. 
  • Next, scroll down the page and tap the Chat icon at the right. 
  • Now, specify your name and email. In the message box, you can begin your chat. 
  • After that, you should follow the prompts to change the name. 

What Is Ryanair Name Change Fees?

Here is an overview of the Ryanair change name on the ticket fee. 

  • The airline permits passengers to alter/change their name online up to 24 hours prior to the departure or offline by connecting with the airline's customer support about 24 hours prior to the departure, subject to the name change fee. The fee can be between $200 and $250. 
  • Passengers can swap their first name with their last name for free once for each person about 48 hours after booking the flight in case of a mistake. 
  • You can correct up to three letters of the first/middle/last name for free. 

Can You Change The Name On Ryanair Plane Ticket To Someone Else?

Indeed, however, you must pay the Ryanair change name fee. Passengers might not change the name on their ticket after the scheduled departure. To transfer your flight ticket to someone else, you should directly connect with the airline's customer support and provide booking details and essential documents. 

Can I Change Name On Ryanair Ticket Due To Marriage?

Yes! Of course, passengers who have booked their flight with a married/maiden name and have gone through legal name change before the date of travel, can change their name on the ticket. You must provide legal valid documents (marriage/divorce agreement or court order) to support the change. You must contact the customer support to make this change. Remember Ryanair name change is subject to name change fee and fare difference, if any. 

How Can I Change My Name On Ryanair Flight Via Customer Support?

To make a name change/correction over the phone, you have to contact Ryanair customer support helpdesk at +44 113 868 4151 or +1-800-633-0441 (OTA) for instant assistance. You should share the reason for name change and essential details like booking reference code or last name. When making a name change over the phone, passengers might have to pay the applicable name change fee and fare difference.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do you need middle name on airline ticket Ryanair?

For safety purposes, the first and last name on your Ryanair flight booking should match the name on your passport. The airline doesn't need a middle name or double-barrelled last name on the ticket.

Q2. Can I change my married/maiden name on my Ryanair flight booking?

Certainly, if you have purchased a flight ticket using the maiden/married name and have changed your name on the travel document, you can change your name on the ticket. You will have to provide supporting documents like a marriage/divorce certificate or court decree.

Q3. How much to change name on Ryanair flight?

Ryanair does not charge a name change fee for minor name modification of about three letters. Name correction exceeding three letters might incur the name change fee between $200 to $250.

Q4. Can I change the name on my Ryanair flight through customer support?

Definitely, you can make major name correction/legal name change by connecting with the airline. Just dial Ryanair customer service number +44 113 868 4151 or +1-800-633-0441 to talk with the travel expert and get assistance.

Q5. Can I change my name on Ryanair flight after check-in?

Indeed; however, you should contact Ryanair customer service to get yourself unchecked from the flight. After that, you can complete the name correction process online via the website or mobile app.

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