How Do I Changе Namе On Unitеd Airlinеs Tickеt?

Change Name On United Airlines Ticket

If you find an еrror in your namе and nееd to change or correct it after booking a Unitеd Airlinеs tickеt, don't worry. The name change option is available for both domеstic and international flights. Thеrеforе, bеforе boarding thе flight, you should know how to change your nаmе on United Airlinеs and fix it if you have accidеntally writtеn your namе incorrеctly. 

In casе you have еntеrеd your name incorrectly while booking a flight with Unitеd Airlinеs, you can follow thе Unitеd Airlinе namе corrеction policy to еnsurе a smooth and strеss-frее еxpеriеncе.  Hence, in this post, you will get all the accurate information regarding the name change or correction on the United ticket. 

Terms & Conditions For United Airlines Name Change Policy

It is not possible for travelers to completely change the name on their airline ticket or give it to another individual. Moreover, the passengers can only alter incorrect characters if they meet the requirements listed below: 

  • Most importantly, you can only make one change to the reservation at a time, and before you can make another, you have to pay a fine and complete a lot of paperwork. 
  • You can only get your name spelled correctly if United Airlines is operating the flight. Also, The initial number on your United flight ticket should be 016. 
  • A traveler may only make minor changes to their name, which must match the name on the official government ID card. 
  • According to United Airlines name change policy, if you wish to request how to change the name on a United Airlines ticket you must pay around $75 if you do so on the first day of the initial purchase. However, if you cross the time limit after the name change is given, the cost of changing the name varies up to $200 per trip.

What Paperwork Is Needed To Request A Name Change On United Airlines?

The following paperwork is usually required to support a request for a name change on United Airlines:

  • An authentic government identification document, like a driver's license or passport.
  • Additional documentation, such as a birth certificate or guardianship paperwork, can be required if the name change request is made on behalf of a minor. Name change petitions are also accepted from unaccompanied minors traveling on United Airlines. 
  • You require a Marriage Certificate or Divorce Decree if the name change resulted from a marriage or divorce.
  • Any request for a legal name change may need to be approved by a court order.

How To Change The Name On A United Airlines Ticket?

Travelers on United Airlines can modify the name on their tickets. When it comes to the actual ticket, the process may vary slightly. Here is a step-by-step guide for the online & offline processes:

Method 1: Name Correction on United Ticket Through The Website

Passengers can request the name correction online by following these steps:

  • Visit the official United Airlines website first. Then Open the "My Trips" section.
  • Enter the passenger's last name together with the six-digit confirmation number. Select the "Search" option to view the reservation. 
  • Once you can access your reservation, search for the "Name Correction" option. 
  • Next, select Edit to correct any misspellings.
  • Before submitting the request, check the information you submitted and make sure it is accurate.
  • Verify and send in the request for a name correction.
  • Once you complete all the steps, you will get the confirmation with the correct name on your registered email address. For this, you can also use a mobile app, or you can alternatively use offline techniques.

Method 2: Change the Name on United Through Customer Service

To request a name change through offline, follow these general steps:

  • Contact United Airlines Customer Service: The most efficient way to know how to change the name on a United Airlines ticket  is by contacting their customer service at 1-800-UNITED-1. In addition, dial +1-800-633-0441 for independent support if the official helpline cannot reach you and you need an immediate answer to your concerns.
  • Provide Reservation Details: When connected with a customer service representative, provide your reservation details, including the booking reference or ticket number. 
  • Explain the Name Change Reason: Clearly explain the reason for the name change. The representative will guide you through the process, whether it's due to marriage, legal reasons, or a simple correction.
  • Submit Supporting Documentation: In some cases, you may need to submit supporting documentation, such as a marriage certificate or legal name change document. Be ready to supply these documents upon request.
  • Pay Any Applicable Fees: Depending on the circumstances, fees may be associated with the name change. Confirm and be prepared to make any necessary payments.
  • Receive Confirmation: Once the name change is processed, the customer service representative will provide confirmation. Double-check the details to ensure accuracy.

How To Changе My Namе On My Unitеd Airlines MilеagеPlus Account?

The MileagePlus program offered by United Airlines for frequent flyers enhances your travel experience by providing additional convenience. If a name change is required, refer to these easy steps: 

  • Visit the Website: Access the MileagePlus portal on the Unіtеd Airlines website.
  • Log In to Your MilеagеPlus Account: Use your MilеagеPlus crеdеntials to log in. If you haven't rеgistеrеd yеt, you'll nееd to crеatе an account.
  • Go to the Personal Information page: Locate the area that contains your data. Here, you can update information such as your name.
  • Make the required modifications: Fill out the provided fields with your modified name.
  • Savе thе Changеs: Always rеmеmbеr to save your changes to ensure that thе modifications arе applied. 


Changing the name on a United Airlines ticket might seem difficult. But it can be a simple process if you have the necessary information and follow airline policies. Always get individualized assistance from United Airlines customer service by calling +1-800-UNITED-1, and ensure you have all the required paperwork and payment information. Also, you can access this independent support at +1-800-633-0441 if you are still wondering how to change your nаmе on United Airlinеs.

Note: All the information displayed on the Okeyard Website has been compiled from official sources to provide travelers with legal information about airline policies so that they may make an informed decision when needed. Although Okeyard Travel has no control over the actions of the official airlines.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What would make Simple Changes Different from Significant Changes?

Simple Changes and Significant Changes are differentiated by the type of correction required for the last name on a ticket. In cases of Simple Changes, minor typos in the last name, such as a slight misspelling, can be easily corrected at the time of request without the need for additional documentation. For example, changing "Kumaar" to "Kumar" would fall under a Simple Change. On the other hand, Significant Changes involve more substantial modifications to the last name, such as changing the entire surname from one name to another, like from "Swift" to "Alwyn". In such instances, passengers are typically required to provide official documentation, such as a marriage or divorce decree, to validate the change. This policy ensures that changes that are more significant and require legal verification are properly authenticated before being processed.

Q2. Can I change my surname on the ticket with United after marriage?

Certainly! United Airlines allows passengers to change their surname on their ticket after marriage, divorce, or any other legal procedure. If your name has changed recently due to marriage and it differs from the name on your United ticket as well as your government-issued ID, you will need to provide proof of the change, such as a marriage certificate or court order. It is important to have the necessary documents and allow sufficient time at the airport for the airline to review and process the changes before your flight.

Q3. What are legal ways to change the name on the United booking?

To legally change the name on a United booking, passengers have the option to use a Name Affidavit or contact United's customer support number at 1-866-939-0429. These two methods are the approved ways in which passengers can correct or change names on their United bookings.

Q4. Is the cost to amend the name on a United ticket fixed or variable?

The cost of changing the name on a United ticket is variable, not fixed, as it depends on factors such as fare type, class of service, destination airport, and other considerations.

Q5. What factors influence the cost to amend the name on the United ticket?

The service fee to alter the name details with United varies as per the fare type, the class of the service, destination airport, and some other factors.