What To Do If United Airlines Misspelled Name On Ticket?

United Airlines Misspelled Name On Ticket

It can be stressful to fly when your airline ticket has a misspelled name on it. In case United Airlines makes a mistake and spells your name wrong, don't panic.

In this comprehensive guide, you will get every detail you need to know if United Airlines misspelled name on ticket. Furthermore, we will cover how to spot the error, who to contact to fix it, what documentation you will need, and tips for avoiding this situation in the future.

Things To Know When You Find a Misspelled Name On United Airlines Ticket

Booking a United flight can be an exciting experience, but what if you realize that your name has been misspelled on your ticket? United Airlines misspelled name change policy makes it easy for you to correct any errors and ensure a smooth flight experience. What you should know is as follows:

Minor Name Changes

For minor adjustments like fixing spelling errors in the first or last name or updating titles or prefixes, you don't need to submit additional documents. Importantly, United does not impose a name change fee for these minor corrections.

Significant Name Changes

If you are making more significant changes in your name, a written request is required along with the request, and you must submit supporting legal documents. A legal name change document, divorce decree, marriage certificate, divorce decree, or a government-issued ID that shows both your old and new identities are a few examples of acceptable documents.

How to Spot a Misspelled Name on United Airlines Ticket?

In the event you discover that United Airlines misspelled name on your boarding pass, you should take the following steps to make changes in your name through customer service.

1- Check Your Reservation Confirmation

When you reserve a flight with United Airlines, you will get a booking confirmation through email. It's essential to review this confirmation carefully to ensure your name is spelled correctly. Keep in mind that even a minor mistake in your name can cause issues when traveling. 

2- Verify When You Check In At The Airport Kiosk Or Online

Before your flight, you can check in either online or at an airport kiosk. During this United Airlines misspelled name change process, take a moment to review your name as it appears on your flight ticket.

If you notice any errors, get in touch with a United Airlines representative for assistance at 1-800-UNITED-1. Further, you can contact a travel expert at +1–800–633–0441; they will be able to help correct any misspellings and ensure that your ticket matches your identification. 

3- Compare To Your Photo ID

Make sure the name on your United ticket matches the name on your official government picture ID, like your passport or driver's license, before you move to the airport. These documents will be required for check-in and security purposes, and any discrepancies in the spelling can cause delays and complications. 

Thus, if you find any discrepancies, contact United Airlines immediately to rectify this situation. Remember, accurate name spelling is essential for a smooth flight experience. 

How Do I Change United Airlines Misspelled Name?

Discovering that your name has been misspelled on your United ticket can be frustrating. Nevertheless, there's no need to freak out because United Airlines has a committed customer support team on hand to help you fix the misspelled name on United Airlines ticket

1- Contact United Airlines Customer Service to Report the Error

Customers can reach United Airlines customer service agents through phone numbers, live chat options, and airport counters. Therefore, choose the best method to contact an agent when you find an incorrect name on your United ticket.

Call Customer Service

One of the easiest ways to report the misspelled name United Airlines is by calling their customer service. Their representative is available around the clock and can guide you through the procedure of getting your name corrected. All you have to do is call the United Airlines agent directly at 1-800-UNITED-1 or use this alternate number at +1–800–633–0441 to get assistance from a travel expert.   

All you have to do is provide them with all the necessary details, such as your booking reference number and the correct spelling of your name. Then, they will do their best to rectify the misspelled name on United Airlines ticket.

Visit A United Ticket Counter At The Airport

If you are already at the airport and identify the name misspelling on your ticket, heading to a United ticket counter is a viable option. United Airlines has ticket counters at all major airports, and their staff will be able to rectify the error. The staff will guide you through the neccesssary steps to change your misspelled name on United Airlines ticket and ensure your name is correctly reflected on your flight ticket. 

Chat Online With An Agent

You can use the live chat option if you prefer a more efficient way to report the name spelling. Simply visit the United Airlines website and initiate a chat with one of their customer service agents. This option allows you to communicate in real time and provides you with a written conversation record. Make sure to explain the situation clearly and provide all the details for an instant resolution. 

2 - Provide Legal Documentation To Proceed Name Change Request

If you find that United Airlines passenger name misspelled, it's very important to take an instant action to correct the error. Legal documentation is the most effective way to verify the correct spelling of your name. The following are some useful documents:

1- Passport: Your passport is a valid document containing your name's correct spelling. It can assist in addressing the issue if you give it to the airline, as it is commonly accepted as identification proof. Make sure your passport is updated and matches the name on your ticket. 

2- Driver Licence: Your driver's license is another reliable identification document that can be used to verify your correct name spelling. United may accept a driver's license as proof of identity and complete United Airlines misspelled name change process. 

3- Social Security Card: Your social security card is an important document issued by the government. It contains your correct name spelling and can be used to verify your identity. 

4- Court Order Approving: If you have legally changed your name when United Airlines misspelled name on ticket, providing a court order approving the name change can be helpful. This document can assist in resolving the issue promptly. 

Tips To Avoid The Name Errors On Your United Airlines Ticket

When you discover that United Airlines misspelled name on ticket, It must be a puzzling situation for a passenger. Hence, to avoid these errors in your United ticket, follow the below listed tips.

1- Double Check Spelling When Booking

When reserving your flight with United Airlines, it's important to pay close attention to the spelling of your name. It's easy to overlook a simple error, but catching it early can save you a hassle later. 

2- Use The Same Spelling As Government-Issued IDs

One essential tip to avoid misspelled name United Airlines is to use the exact spelling as on your government-issued documents. Whether it's your driver's license or passport, make sure the name matches exactly. United Airlines follows strict security measures, so any distinction between your ID and a ticket can lead to delays or denial of boarding. 

3- Alert The Representative To Potential Issues

If you notice any potential problems with your name during the reservation process, do not hesitate to alert the airline's agent. They are trained to assist passengers with name-related concerns and can help ensure your ticket is issued correctly. By letting them know about United Airlines misspelled name on ticket upfront, you can prevent any last-minute changes at the airport. 

4- Triple Check Documents Prior To The Trip

Before your trip, it is important to check all your travel documents, including your ticket, passport or any other legal documents. To avoid having to start the process of changing when a United Airlines passenger name misspelled, make sure all details are accurate and match perfectly.

Final Verdict

An incorrect airline ticket name can derail your travel plans and cause unneeded stress. Using the methods above to verify the spelling, you receive a new ticket with the correct name.

However, if you still have issues when a United Airlines passenger name misspelled on ticket, directly call the travel agent at 1-800-UNITED-1 for assistance. Also, you can get all your answers at +1–800–633–0441, an official helpline number available 24/7.

Note: All the information displayed on the Okeyard Website has been compiled from official sources to provide travelers with legal information about airline policies so that they may make an informed decision when needed. Although Okeyard Travel has no control over the actions of the official airlines.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I correct my name online?

Yes, using the website, passengers are normally able to make minor online name modifications. However, it's best to get in touch with airline customer support if there are any significant adjustments or alterations.

Q2. What would make Simple Changes Different from Significant Changes?

Typically, simple modifications are little tweaks like updating contact details or fixing typos. On the other hand, significant adjustments could involve changing the dates, times, or destinations of the flight; these might come with penalties or call for reissuing the ticket.

Q3. How do I change my name on a United Airlines flight?

To change your name on a United Airlines flight, You have to get in touch with United Airlines customer support or visit its official website. To ensure compliance and prevent any possible problems, review United's policies and processes regarding name changes.

Q4. What documents do I need for a name alteration?

The documentation needed may change based on the reason for the correction. Generally, supporting documents like a marriage license or paperwork proving a legal name change may be required.

Q5. How much does it cost to change the name on a United Airlines ticket?

Depending on the fare type, service class, destination airport, and a few other variables, there are different service fees for changing the name details with United.